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Clarity. Freedom. Klafreit.

Your way to inner peace.


Freedom through clarity

Anna Sibel Tschapke, Change Facilitator (Theory U, MIT) and Personal Development Life Coach, founded Klafreit in 2018 in Berlin.


The two main services of Klafreit are the monthly Klafreit Basics Workshop, "Der Workshop", and the individual coachings, "Das Coaching". Occasionally, there are themed events related to Klafreit.

Klafreit Services
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1-on-1 Coaching

Working together one-to-one, I can help you develop the systems, support and accountability to transform your life. The one-on-one coachings are for those desiring tailor-made solutions to their unique challenges in business and private life.

Der Workshop

All the good stuff all packed into max. 5 hours! Participate in the monthly two-day Basics Workshop to get introduced into the social technology of Klafreit. This is your best value for money if you cannot invest much time/money but still do not want to miss out on all the essential Klafreit teachings and methods.

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While this site is created with care and updated on a regular basis, please consider visiting @Klafreit on Instagram for Klafreit related content and daily news.

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Klafreit is a service for Theory U based Change Facilitation and Inner Peace Activism. It is based equally on the teachings of Eastern Philosophy, Yoga, gnosis, stoicism and mysticism, as well as on modern knowledge of working with the subconscious from interdisciplinary sciences around psychology and neuroscience.


In the workshops, courses, and individual coachings, Anna uses techniques that are inspired by the approach of epigenetics. This includes, in particular, methodological approaches from the Theory U bypassing the mind and creating access to unconscious parts of our psyche.


Inner Team Work, Ego Work, Systemic Constellation Work as well as the Social Presencing Theater play an essential role in the Klafreit Basics Workshop. Techniques from energetic psychology and kinesiological therapy (Psych-K) are employed in the individual coaching.

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“ Klafreit is an art of living, that means a way of being in which thinking, feeling, and acting is coherent. Klafreit is not just another lifestyle, but a potential that lives in us - a clear view, the basic requirement for any sustainable development. "
Anna Sibel Tschapke

Tropical Leaves

Klafreit does not make a distinction between individuals and companies - private and business - but builds on the insight that every form of life unfolds in organisms. Body cells, the psyche, families, forests, societies, markets, or companies: These are all interconnected organisms that together form ecosystems.


The more balanced the organisms, the stronger and more resilient the ecosystem. Ultimately, everything belongs to an infinitely large unit, the extent of which cannot yet be determined by human beings due to their limited sensory perception. However, we do have the ability to sense it with a deeper-lying intelligence. Klafreit is all about connecting to that intelligence.


The world is becoming more and more complex - and so are its problems. Klafreit does not change anything about that. It does change the way we deal with complexity, however: Klafreit provides access to alternative sources of intelligence and strength, such as the body, the soul, and our intuition. Those are natural resources of immeasurable value that we all carry within us.

Klafreit as a driver of
development education work 

In the disruptive age, markets and organizations are faced with the challenge of being resilient, maximally adaptable, and sustainable. These values, however, cannot be imposed in a top-down process. As true sustainability has to come from within each one of us.


This is why Klafreit works with individuals: Anna Sibel Tschapke, together with her clients, work towards a more sustainable world by changing the quality of their own actions.


Klafreit describes a way to create the awareness necessary on an individual level for a social transformation towards a more sustainable world.

Making Mental Blocks our Partners for Growth

In a market-radical, strongly commercial and capitalist world, (mental) blocks are all too often dismissed as annoying time wasters and inhibitors of competition. Klafreit, on the other hand, celebrates every form of resistance like mental blocks! Resistance, regardless of whether it is business- or private-related (psst, there really is no difference), such as burn-out, a shortage of orders, constraints and fears, are growth potentials.


A life in abundance means that any kind of resistance is recognized as an opportunity for change. Firstly, one needs to become aware of the inner resistance without judgment, then the inner resistance needs to be accepted unconditionally and integrated into the bigger system. Thus, a clear mental attitude is cultivated, which clears the way for any potential to take shape.

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