The Klafreit coaching

Come as you are.
Only what is allowed to be can change.

Are you stuck? Everything feels overwhelming?

Great! That's alright. We all get stuck sometimes (or oftentimes). You're beautiful. Beautifully confused, blocked, dejected, frustrated, fearful and/or disoriented. In the Klafreit coaching, the first thing you learn is to let go and accept your situation exactly how it is.

Counselling and Inspiration

When working together with Anna, she reminds you of your inner potential. There was a time when you were really good at being yourself: When you were a child. Children are always authentic and healthily narcissistic. Anna's aim is that every person she works with comes back in touch with their inner child. It is about establishing access to your very own essence. The benefit of this is that essence works like a compass guiding us through everyday adversity. The basic assumption of facilitating is that the solution to every problem is already there; in the system itself. Anna doesn't know the solution. But she can show you where to find it.

"Insanity is the only sane reaction to an insane society"

Thomas Szasz


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