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The Klafreit workshop

A Berlin born project of social innovation

The Klafreit workshop was conceived to enable people to bring clarity to their lives and their businesses and to maintain it sustainably. This clarity is a basic requirement for a clean start to any change process. And this clarity must be maintained in order to lead authentically - a life or organizations. Participants get to know the Klafreit social technology: A way of accessing the inner freedom necessary to develop our full potential. In the Klafreit-mode, we are more difficult to manipulate, bolder, self-confident and more effective. All the bullshit comes to an end; the essential is beginning.

Image by Samuel Zeller

Method and approach

Firstly, Anna introduces the participants to the Klafreit mentality. Ideas and concepts help to satisfy the natural hunger of our intellects for a theoretical classification. Klafreit is characterized by its interdisciplinary approach. Anna combines a wide variety of theories and forms of therapy in her methodology used in the workshop.


Above all, however, she trusts her intuition. We all have a dormant knowledge of what helps and is good for us. It just often lies buried. Anna is an expert in bringing this knowledge to light.

The workshop's methods are designed to help people live by this knowledge. Everyone needs something else to get better when they are at a low point. Everyone, however, needs to connect with themselves to get better. And that's the focus at Klafreit.

Image by Raj Eiamworakul

From head to heart to hand

Once the mind is appeased by a theoretical classification, it opens the way more easily to alternative sources of intelligence, such as intuition, body knowledge and the soul. Since we only make the right decisions in a meditative and clear state of consciousness, naturally, in a state of flow. This state is necessary for the second step.


In the second step, the participants tap into these sources of strength and knowledge in order to identify unnecessary burdens, energy guzzlers and mental blocks and to free their own system (private, professional, both) from them. You can compare this process with a system cleanup.
In the end, the participants will be given techniques that will help them to reconnect with themselves and their source of strength again and again in everyday life

Image by Margarida CSilva

Who Can Participate?

The Klafreit workshop helps all people with a desire for change who want to gain more clarity over their personal development process. Especially those who know that something has to change but still have no idea what this change should look like. It does not matter whether participants take part in the workshop as a private person or in a business capacity. Klafreit frees systems and, thus, creates clarity; regardless of whether it is the system of an individual, a partnership, a family, a company or the next work project.

Participants learn

how you can integrate new, healthy habits into your life through meditation, spiritual practices and rituals and thus new insights are not only processed on a mental level but also become flesh and blood.​


to become aware of their harmful (thought) habits, thought loops and limiting beliefs and which techniques can be used to let them go.

To break old, rigid thought patterns, to create a tabula rasa mindset (beginners mind) and to conquer the world again, like a child, without bias and playfully

to make friends with their inner resistance and use them as growth potential.

how to tidy up and create space for new things, such as the development of your creative potential.

to work out a focus for the upcoming change process.

To develop resilience and leadership and to take responsibility for one's own development process.

how to deal with the newly won inner freedom.

how they can stay with themselves in the long term and are therefore invincible.

Image by Galeria Estação

How to Participate

Der Workshop takes place every month. Click here to check dates, contents and place of the upcoming one!

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