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For Those Belittling Spirituality

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Let's be honest: It is very easy to make fun of new age spirituality these days. The internet is full of cheap instant gratification-spirituality solutions.

Before making fun of it, however, we could ask ourselves what made the "spiritual market" increasingly boom in recent years.

Spirituality is an inherent human need. How else would we cope with the unbearable emptiness of being? The fear of death... or loss. For many years the price of escaping from the dogma of damnation-drenched religious conventions has been to entirely lose touch with the spiritual truths from which they originally derived. When that happens, our new reality is the fear-filled and barren terrain of sterile secular humanism. In that reality, the spiritual either gets taken over by fanatical fundemantalsim (or other prejudiced belief-systems, i.e. political parties) or explained away by psychoanalysis as the residue of a damaged childhood.

We try everything to numb the pain of the free-floating-anxiety hanging over us, a feeling of emptiness we all know too well. Hence, we've created fancy new age religions like all kinds of capitalistic obsessions: Obsession with work, fun, sports, Netflix, status, Yoga, alcohol, sex, social drama, power, games, football, consumption, idols, drugs, stories and so on. These are ultimately just defensive strategies, distractions, to fend off the fear of the unknown ahead.

I myself have a very funny addiction that has not only been keeping me busy over the years but also consuming a fair amount of my energies: I am obsessed with fear. And I know I am not the only one. As long as we are afraid of something, we feel safe, alive. Now if THAT'S not funny! To me, for one, that is way more worth making fun of than of spiritual people exploring alternatives to the human angst-state, i.e. by rediscovering the true, spiritual nature of things.

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