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Wed, Dec 25


Kindergarten "Murmel"

Klafreit – Surviving Christmas Special Edition

Communal potluck lunch-hangout in an original Kindergarten in Neukölln for everybody who wants to escape the Christmas madness without missing out on celebrating food and community (because that's what Christmas is actually about). This might be the realest Christmas you will ever have experienced!

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Klafreit – Surviving Christmas Special Edition
Klafreit – Surviving Christmas Special Edition

Zeit & Ort

Dec 25, 2019, 1:00 PM

Kindergarten "Murmel", Schöneweider Str. 20, 12055 Berlin, Deutschland


Über die Veranstaltung

This is a one-of-a-kind event. Let's make this happen!

This is a very low-threshold gathering. Just come as you are and join friends for an intimate Christmas potluck-lunch.     

What is a potluck-lunch?

A potluck is when everybody joining brings a dish to contribute to the feast. It can be anything! Your favorite dessert, the dish your granny used to prepare for Christmas or just an invented random dish. It can also be snacks or single ingredients (best opportunity for a fridge-clear-up before New Years). We will then jointly improvise on what we have and put together a creative and unique lunch.

Who can come?

Everybody. Seriously. Everybody is welcome. Even your weird Self, friends and irritating relatives. Parents, grandparents, grand-grandparents, are warmly welcome! Klafreit supports inter-generational equity and opposes ageism. Internationals are welcome (obviously, this description is written in English for a reason). Oh, and Germans, too! Everybody! Get the concept? 


The idea is to offer people who are typically left behind around Christmas in Berlin an opportunity to come together and enjoy the feeling of connectedness and community. This doesn't mean that this is going to be a pity party or some sort of charity event. There are a lot of people in Berlin who confidently don't care about Christmas for many different reasons. Likewise, there are many people who do care but wont make it home for Christmas this year for many different reasons.

Every year again they must endure this black hole-period of time by the end of the year. A time where everything seems to be at a standstill, no shops open, all your friends gone with their families, and even if you just want to plunge into work to get over with it, you can't because businesses in Germany traditionally close over Christmas. So, let's just come together and collectively indulge ourselves for having been such good human beings (or at least we tried our best), ponder on this past year of 2019 before it ends and fill our bellies with self-made food. 

What to bring when you come?

Feel like joining? Awesome! Just bring these two things: 1. The dish you want to contribute 2. Drinks you would like to have and share

How to register?

In case you want to participate, please register by writing an email to or registering online here: Please mind that, due to organizational reasons, we cannot accept guests who have not registered prior to the event.  

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